One world, one love
two hearts made one
building a single hope
to rekindle the unfulfilled past

Hope to change the fore that was hidden,
never to fall for any destruction

Together we smile into the future,
hidden from feeble-minded eyes

Hold my hand, let’s take a walk tonight my love
over the mountains top and the valley nigh

That we may see the truth in love

This collaborative poem was written by: Noah Alorwu, Mawuli Stephen, Gilgal Ansah, Jane Ida Koomson, Micheal Sedinam, Angela Adabla, Mike Perry Yeboah, Lumor Eunice, Dugbazah Ernest, Timothy Yeboah — Larbi


Noah Alorwu

Software Engineer / UI Designer / PSF Fellow / DSF Member / Community Builder / Wikimedian In Residence

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