How to do fuel oil from plastic waste and save our Environment.

Jun 21, 2016 · 3 min read

If you have started your waste pyrolysis business, how can you extend the life of the machine?

The clients always want to improve the oil yield, so that they can get more oil and more profit, but the quality of waste pyrolysis plant is most important. Because only have a higher quality, you can running the business safely with lower risk. And also you can use the plant for a long time, oil from plastic is save your energy and produce more wealth. Refining oil requires more and more higher standard waste pyrolysis plant, the temperature, the electric power, the raw materials quality all can affect the running machine. If the power off when the machine is running, the reactor temperature will be down, and the heating process will be affected, the melting material will coagulate together. When the machine start to run next time, this kind of hard stuff will fall down and damage the boiler furnace. In case of this problem, we improved our machine to bear more heavy weights.

Some companies bought the lower price machine just for the benefit, they ignore the quality and the safety. If the machine breaks down very often, how can he get profit? And more issue should be concerned about is the safety, it is the most significant problem, for we take the responsibility of our workers. If there is an accident in the pyrolysis process, how can we continue to run the business?

So here are some points that you should concerned about in the waste pyrolysis process. We take the plant from Huayin renewable energy equipment for example. When we refine the waste plastics we must clean it after each pyrolysis process. The oil water separator, the catalyst, the cooling pipe. They all need to be cleaned up. But we must do this when the temperature is low, if not it will be dangerous. When we put the raw material into the reactor, we must convey the more wet parts firstly. Because the plastics are easily to be melted when the temperature is high. When the water vapor is almost dry, we can put some plastics. For the waste tire pyrolysis plant, we also should clean it regularly, once a week will be better. We must add water into the oil water separator every pyrolysis period, and as the negative pressure device, we should drain the water off. Before we remove the dregs, we should away from the negative pressure device. When we conducting the pyrolysis device, we must abide by the operating construction, otherwise we will put ourselves in danger, and it also could damage the plant.

Choosing a good quality plant is benefit for our business, Huayin waste tire and converting plastic to oil was highly praised by the clients over the world. If you want to know more about this industry or you want to join this project, you can contact them.

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