Submission validation bot

Hello js13kGames participants! We have good news concerning the submission process this year.

What’s wrong with the current form?

As the number of participants grow, it’s more and more time consuming each year to check manually that the submitted games are valid (ie: don’t break the rules, don’t throw any errors in the console, etc).

Most of the time those are small fixes, but communication between the reviewer and the participant is mostly done by email, which is not perfect to say the least.

Lessons from previous years

Last year we introduced a whole new submission flow through GitHub pull requests. …

Hello js13kGames participants! For those who already submitted a game in the past, you know that the requirements are straightforward:

- make a game under 13k zipped
- submit the zip file
- submit two screenshots

It’s simple, yet mistakes are made and every year a fair amount of submissions need some manual fixes. Our wonderful host end3r is doing his best to fix the submissions manually and reject as few as possible, but it’s a lot of work.

In addition, most participants submit their game at the very end just before the deadline, and the queue grows fast. When…



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