Privacy constraints

When transacting or exchanging business documents, trading partners may require certain elements of privacy.

(1) Privacy of transaction data: the data should only be readable by the parties involved in the transaction.

(2) Confidentiality of the volume of transactions and the identity of counterparties involved: the number of transactions carried out by a company and the counterparties with whom it deals are competitive information that must not be leaked.

(3) Temporal visibility: employees who join a competitor and therefore still gain access to the system should not see old transactions.

(4) Partial visibility: not all parties involved shall see the…

Founded in 2005, Amalto Technologies provides innovative enterprise-level solutions enabling B2B integration and electronic document exchange services, automating master data and transactional data flows between clients’ internal solutions (ERP, CRM, billing software) and their trading partners (customers, suppliers, logistics providers, banks…) or cloud solutions like Salesforce and SAP Ariba…

Over the years, Amalto developed a strong relationship with flagship customers like Chevron, Iron Mountain, Clean Harbors, Suez, Thales, and many others. The typical Amalto client has revenues ranging from a couple hundred million dollars to a few billion dollars.

While the majority of clients leverage Amalto to streamline their Order…

It all started in 2006, when we founded Amalto Technologies, a B2B integration service provider, helping major clients automate the flow of business documents between their internal solutions (ERP, CRM, billing software) and external systems — trading partners (customers, suppliers, logistics providers, banks…) or cloud solutions (Salesforce, SAP Ariba…).

From a middleware to a platform

We initially developed a middleware, able to support back-end system integration and the exchange of electronic business documents. Over the years, it grew into a full platform that allowed Amalto teams to build and run high-end B2B transactional applications matching very specific and elaborate client requirements. Platform 6 was born.


Platform 6

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