Digital Marketing Technology keeps evolving, and businesses have to keep up to stay ahead in the competition. Marketing cut across several platforms and businesses try as much as possible to feature on each platform to get maximum exposure for their products and services.

APIs Integration

It has gotten to the point that even an account manager has to work on ten to twenty different platforms that have no connection to each other. …

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Organizations produce a vast amount of data every day as a result of various customer interactions and engagements with prospects.

They want to serve their customers better and increase productivity. But, gathering such a large volume of data and not being able to put it to use or protect it seems to be the most common problem among many organizations.

The success of organizations is largely determined by their ability to harness the full potential of this data in their marketing strategies and campaigns to gain a competitive advantage.

Data management involves organizing, maintaining and managing data processes to protect…

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Digital marketing requires working on reliable and accurate data.

This verified data is used for decision-making and deciding the further steps for marketing campaigns. In lead generation campaigns, digital marketers must rely on actionable data.

Lead generation is a very important aspect of sales and marketing because leads can directly be converted into sales. Businesses can undertake large-scale lead generation campaigns to attract leads which they can convert into sales. The pressing problem, however, is that most marketers don’t know how to measure their lead generation campaigns.

Let’s first understand what lead generation is

The process of attracting prospects to…

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