October 28, 2019

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Platin Leadership Team

### The Italian version follows the English one ###

It is with bittersweet regret and deep gratitude that we announce the end of an era at Platin.

Platin will be shutting down on November 1, 2019, after which all Platin services will no longer be available. This resolution is not made lightly or in haste. It comes after many months of brainstorming and careful reflection and is one of the most painful decisions we have made.

Platin was born over two years ago when a small and ambitious group of founders had a vision of creating an open, universal decentralized location protocol for geospatial claims. A protocol so powerful that it would be the gateway for any company or individual wanting secure location-based verifications at a nominal cost. The Platin team worked tirelessly to achieve this dream as we set out to develop Platin’s proof of location. …



Platin — Proof of Location Protocol on the Blockchain

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