Detecting Fraudulent Location Claims in a Privacy-Preserving Manner


Tokyo — February 15, 2018 — Location spoofing is too easy to perform today and attempts to enforce geo-bounding are routinely thwarted by simple methods such as fake GPS and VPNs., an early-stage blockchain startup with a Proof of Location protocol, is now able to boost secure location capabilities with intelligent machine learning powered by XAIN AI.

Enter Berlin-based, a company merging AI with blockchain and DLT. XAIN’s proven anomaly detection and pattern recognition capabilities in distributed ecosystems have been demonstrated in successful pilots at Porsche and other leading enterprises. The XAIN infrastructure plugs seamlessly into Platin’s secure location protocol creating a powerful and secure system.

Platin selected as a partner due to their advanced technology for privacy-preserving AI and machine learning, as well as the stature and track record of XAIN’s scientific team. Among other things, XAIN’s AI will provide Platin with algorithmic anomaly detection capabilities where variables, patterns, and calculations are created to form a custom algorithm for specific discovery requirements that may not fit classic anomaly detection techniques.

XAIN’s recent advances in machine learning and AI will be applied to the task of automated location spoofing detection on Platin’s Proof of Location protocol. Platin Pocket™, the Platin mobile app, wallet and mining interface, saves node locations and behavior over pre-defined time windows in a highly secure and privacy preserving manner. These behavior-over-time observations allow Platin to implement advanced anomaly detection techniques and evaluate the validity of high value location claims. To protect users’ privacy, these observations never leave the device and are analyzed locally within Platin Pocket™.

The result is a secure Proof of Location protocol that preserves privacy yet delivers easy to use location credentials with high trust assurance. The Platin + XAIN partnership is a win for businesses who seek to avoid location spoofing using Platin’s secure Proof of Location protocol on the blockchain.

Leif Lundbæk, Ph.D., CEO of XAIN.IO said:
“We look forward to an exciting new phase of partnership building with the Platin team and extending our capabilities to future users of Platin’s decentralized protocol. The XAIN team is confident that this collaboration will provide mutual growth for the companies involved while advancing industry standards around PoL.”

Statement from Daniel Beutel, XAIN CTO:
“We are delighted to be working with Platin on their AI/machine learning requirements and participate in the open development of their location protocol. Leveraging XAIN’s machine learning developments into the earliest stages of a company’s R&D accelerates innovation, bringing greater value to all stakeholders.”

Statement from Allon Mason, Platin’s CEO:
“Our budding partnership with XAIN is a testament to both the modularity of XAIN’s AI/machine learning architecture as well as to the innovation that Platin’s PoL brings to distributed ledger technologies. We are very excited about the potential that the XAIN + Platin relationship will reap for a more secure and trusted distributed Proof of Location ecosystem.”

XAIN ( uses the strengths of modern machine learning algorithms, particularly reinforcement learning, to stabilize their Ethereum-based low-energy Blockchain. This enables an enterprise-ready, robust and adaptable infrastructure for automated business processes. The XAIN team is based in their headquarters in Berlin (Wildau), Germany, and in London, UK.

Platin ( is a secure Proof of Location protocol based on activity recorded and exchanged by means of ordinary smartphones or more specialized devices. Platin incentivizes nodes at scale by means of its own blockchain-based cryptocurrency ‘PTN’. The result is a secure location protocol that is ubiquitous, stackable, reliable, and suited for integration with any business based on location such as supply chain, money and location verifications, LBS-enabled commerce, token geofencing, KYC+AML, and more. Platin’s union of secure location and cryptocurrency at the protocol level is disrupting industries across the world. Location is Everywhere™.

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