Joins ESA’s Galileo Positioning System Task Force

Apr 28, 2019 · 2 min read

Platin is proud to announce that it is as a member of the Galileo Global Navigation and Positioning Service task force, contributing to the future of global navigation in general and assuring that Proof of Location will be even more secure and accurate.

While Platin’s current applications use GPS, our team is involved in much, more. While many people assume that “GPS” refers to satellite positioning that is actually only the name of the United States system. Several other countries including Japan, Russia, China and the EU have launched their own satellite-based positioning systems.

Galileo is the European Union’s satellite positioning system. With twenty-six satellites already in orbit, the European Space Agency’s satellite array has been delivering positioning, navigation and timing services. A number of device and smartphone manufacturers have already unveiled a first generation of Galileo-ready consumer devices. These can fuse information with the USA’s thirty satellites.

As the leading proof of location protocol on the blockchain, Platin bases its decentralized location verifications on existing infrastructure and hardware such as smartphones with sensor fusion capabilities. Platin is honored to be engaging directly with the early Galileo system, to enable extremely accurate positioning and location services for the Platin network, and benefit from Galileo’s enhanced security and performance.

Platin’s joins the European Space Agency, Airbus, and The United Nations along with other research centers and universities in this endeavor. Platin has started testing the new possibilities that the system brings, with particular focused on precise point positioning (PPP).

Platin’s Proof of Location leverages existing infrastructure such as GPS and Galileo to create its terrestrial secure positioning infrastructure, without need for additional hardware or clock synchronization software.

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Platin — Proof of Location Protocol on the Blockchain

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