Platin Uses Proof of Location (PoL) Blockchain to Ensure Verifiable Location Claims for Field Technicians

Pipelines are wedded to locations. Over two million miles of pipeline form global distribution networks connecting sometimes far remote locations. People maintain the pipeline: they monitor, survey, log, assess, charge money and in general execute business value procedures that are associated with location claims — the location of the pipeline segment involved. If a location claim is faked, fraudulent or inaccurate, the business value is sharply reduced.

Platin is addressing the future needs of pipelines and pipe-based distribution networks. “We work with pipeline companies to sketch the picture of a needed decentralized software/hardware stack,” said Allon Mason, Platin CEO. “Decentralization promises to reduce many of the costs of centralization. A blockchain does away with the need for a secured centralized database. It operates without the high cost of centralized IT, and it can use clever game-theory-based consensus algorithms in the place of complex authorization systems. While the tangible building blocks and technical implementations are still in planning, it is clear that Proof of Location is needed in these scenarios, and not only by infrastructure companies.”

Innovation-driven companies today work with permissioned blockchains and are gaining experience with blockchain technologies. Platin’s working groups are actively engaging with these innovative energy and fuel transportation companies bring world-class experts in blockchain, secure location claims, privacy preserving engineering and zero knowledge cryptographic proofs to consolidate and codify the open issues surrounding these systems. The goal is to create a meaningful and robust foundation, a foundation that enables a practical decentralized system with built-in incentive schemes.

Platin’s Proof of Location (PoL) is a new protocol enabling truly secure location verifications. A successful implementation can enable technicians and testers to collect payment only on location and only if they visit all of the sites they were required to visit, and in a predefined order. Platin helps prevent fake location reports of technician locations (easily spoofed with fake GPS apps), ensuring that visits actually occurred at the desired location and time. Environmental, earthquake and flooding reports could be reported by residents who live adjacent to pipelines, in return for compensation. In this role, as stewards of the environment and local economies, pipeline and infrastructure stakeholders benefit from these local interactions.

Electronic devices benefit as well. Pipeline-based automated devices such as robots or statically-mounted earthquake detection units can now participate in Platin’s Proof of Location ecosystem, and earn cryptocurrencies in the process. As such robots and intelligent assistants proliferate and play ever-widening roles, the ability for them to make secure location claims, and witness location claims by others, becomes ever more valuable and useful.

All stages in the life cycle of a pipeline from construction, pre-commissioning, commissioning, production, operations and inspection through to decommissioning and abandonment can benefit from Proof of Location. The technological advancement of pipeline technology, leak detection, IT applications to their maintenance, and meter-based reporting, will never be the same.

Platin ( is a secure Proof of Location protocol based on activity recorded and exchanged by means of ordinary smartphones or more specialized devices. Platin incentivizes nodes at scale by means of its own blockchain-based cryptocurrency ‘PTN’. The result is a secure location protocol that is ubiquitous, stackable, reliable, and suited for integration with any business based on location such as supply chain, money and location verifications, LBS-enabled commerce, token geofencing, KYC+AML, and more. Platin’s union of secure location and cryptocurrency at the protocol level is disrupting industries across the world. Location is Everywhere™.

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