I Love a Girl Who Swears, Backed by Science
CamMi Pham

Hi CamMi,

I tried to contact you on your business site, Think Renegade, through the contact form but I never heard back from you. How do I know if you received my message?

And on the subject at hand…

Can I love a boy who swears? I hope this post at least partially applies to males.

His is non-violent, expressed more as a way to say “hello” than to tell you he’s angry or upset about anything. And he has cut way back because I never swear unless I’m enraged. Which isn’t very often.

Unfortunately, this post doesn’t hold true for adult children of verbally abusive alcoholics. Swearing triggers PTSD resulting in anxiety, fear, and sorrow.

Swearing is only OK if used non-violently and without anger or aggression. Anything else is called abuse.


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