How to issue your own token on Ethereum in less than 20 minutes.
Moritz Neto

Token was created successfully & tokens are in my wallet however
when I try and verify the code I get Token name doesnt match the bytecode

function MYPPToken() public {
 symbol = “MYPP”;
 name = “MYPP Token”;
 decimals = 0;
 _totalSupply = 150000000;
 balances[0x98Bcc2E403B08452294d1844C5e7BdC5D44b5043] = _totalSupply;
 Transfer(address(0), 0x98Bcc2E403B08452294d1844C5e7BdC5D44b5043, _totalSupply);

I used MYPPToken & MYPP Token and still getting same error