Basement Development Companies in Calgary

Basement construction entails a lot of details, technique sand facts, and all of these were considered by us when working on the Evans ton Basement Project. This project entailed the construction of an ultra-modern basement containing one bedroom, a living area and a fully equipped and sophisticated kitchen.

We opted for a spacious living area, enough for fitting in furniture and easy movements, with three glass windows to provide adequate lighting to the interior. We used a clearly varnished hardwood floor for proper heating and less cold to the feet. The kitchen was equipped with modern cooking and kitchen appliances, a fridge and a multipurpose cooker by us. We also equipped the kitchen with appliance storage shelves, two sinks and a well-patterned wall to give it an exotic but modern interior look.

We located the washroom with just one step away from the bedroom and kitchen along the corridor;making it accessible for both visitors and residents. But the best thing about this basement project was our determination to allow spacing without squeezing everything together. Thus the homeowners loved our work and the complements were not only satisfactory but gave us a wonderful feeling of doing something amazing.

A basement needs to be strong and have a well-planned and designed foundation.Every foundation is dependent on the kind of material chosen, the landscape and the owner’s preferences. Having us with you gives you an upper handing terms of the best partners you need for your dream basement construction. We will deliver our services on time in form of the best quality.

We, at Platinum Heritage Construction Corp, have what it takes to give your basement a modern but still a personal look. We will take into account all your preferences for having a dream house, and put our designers and project managers together to work on your ideas; as they will partner with you for turning your dream into a reality. What makes us unique is you, since you are unique in terms of your own preferences and ideas.

People tend to worry whenever they have a construction project in hand, because they don’t know which company will be able to satisfy their needs well. This is why Platinum Heritage is here to be your construction partner all the way through. Unlike most companies out there, we value our work and customers greatly. We believe that great and quality work with customer engagement is the fundamental ingredient to ensure customer satisfaction. That’s why; we ensure that our team always has the reputation through training and certification.

We at Platinum Heritage are the professionals to call when you have either a residential or commercial construction project. Evans ton Basement Project is an example which shows the quality of our work. The owner was not only satisfied with the services we offered him but was also happy due to the fact that we engaged him all throughout the project for optimum results. Why not make use your construction company?Get in touch with us today!

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