Meet the Platio Team: Chief Growth Officer — Mark Jackson

Mark Jackson, Platio’s Chief Growth Officer

Mark is Platio’s Chief Growth Officer, who has 18 years’ experience in developing digital strategy, performance marketing and advertising as well as user growth for SaaS/consumer platforms. His proven capability to develop and execute new initiatives and formulate digital strategies across multiple businesses and markets, combined with his strong background in digital performance marketing strategy and growth, will be key in building Platio’s user base and value for the business.

For Mark the potential of cryptocurrencies is vast. “Crypto and Blockchain can have an immense and genuinely groundbreaking impact on cultures, industry and economies,” he says, “but it needs projects like Platio to make it work.

His decision to work with Platio was simple. After all, “why wouldn’t you want to be involved in something that can bring a genuine answer to the problems faced by the crypto industry?

A lover of science fiction, Mark enjoys relaxing with novels by Isaac Asimov and Vernor Vinge, and is an unashamed fan of Star Wars and the Marvel movies.

Mark is a highly creative strategist and marketeer. As you might expect, that creativity extends outside of his work: he produces his own music and even designs and builds his own furniture!

Platio is currently in private pre-sale. The public pre-sale opens on the 12th November, 2018.