Meet the Platio Team: Chief Product Officer — Andrzej Dawydowicz

Our CPO: Andrzej Dawydowicz

Andrzej is Platio’s Chief Product Officer. A true product visionary, Andrzej has a unique and creative approach to developing award-winning technology products that attract and delight customers, grow audiences and engagement, and increase revenues. Andrzej is leading Platio in its development of such products.

Andrezj is currently working on his PhD in Business Management and has an outstanding business background in administration, international relations and tech. Like many of the Platio team he is multilingual, speaking English, Russian and Belarusian fluently, as well as some Polish and Latvian.

For Andrzej, “crypto is not just a next step of financial system’s evolution,” rather it is a “revolution in the mentality of humanity,” and “a concentration of transparency and freedom.” However, as Andrzej says, “the crypto world needs to overcome some challenges before mainstream adoption is possible. The opportunity to solve those challenges with Platio excites me a lot.

In addition to cryptocurrency, Andrzej is fascinated by science and is a keen amateur sailor — even participating in several yacht races!

Andrzej will be spreading the word about our solutions during the Platio international roadshow. You can see him next at Consensus in Singapore.

The Platio private pre-sale opened on Monday, 20th August, 2018, with the public pre-sale starting on October 8th.