Meet the Platio Team: CMO — Anna Makovnikova

Our CMO: Anna Makovnikova

Anna is Platio’s Chief Marketing Officer, a highly successful executive with 20 years of international experience in marketing, sales, and product and brand management.

Originally from Odessa in the Ukraine, Anna considers herself a world citizen and has lived in Serbia, Canada, and now Spain, where she moved three years ago.

Anna quickly spotted the potential for cryptocurrencies to ease some of the challenges of her professional life. “For me as a marketing manager,” she says, “working with agencies and contractors, crypto is a unique tool for fast and transparent payments for services.

For crypto to truly achieve mainstream adoption it needs to be easy to use and accessible to all. Anna was drawn to Platio by its unique approach to solving the banking needs of the new crypto-fiat economy.

Our platform is universal, easy to use and it covers the needs both of private and business users. With us people will finally start using crypto in their daily life, whether paying for their kids’ tuition or for something simple like a cup of coffee.

Away from work Anna has wide intellectual and artistic interests. She enjoys glass painting and her favourite books range from Harry Potter to Schopenhauer. A fan of Gone with the Wind she also loves Avatar, and can’t wait for the next installment!

A true team player, Anna brings her extensive experience and strategic skills to help Platio spread its message of crypto-friendly banking for the 21st century.

Platio is currently in private pre-sale. The public pre-sale opens on the 12th November, 2018.