Meet the Platio Team: Technical Advisor — Andriy Khavryuchenko

Technical advisor: Andriy Khavryuchenko

Andriy is Platio’s new technical advisor. An expert in the field, Andriy has over twenty-five years experience at the cutting edge of software development. He has developed blockchain solutions since 2013 and was in the core team behind open source cryptocurrency Dash.

Andriy is the founder of, an advisor and blockchain architect for DMarket, and a member of the board of Pandora Boxchain, a decentralized network for AI.

For Andriy, “Platio’s Smart Banking Ecosystem is one of the most exciting fintech projects in blockchain today. The platform is set to solve the challenges holding back crypto adoption and I am delighted to act as an advisor to their technical team.”

We’re thrilled that Andriy is working with us to develop our crypto friendly banking system, a platform which will allow businesses to pay or be paid in crypto or traditional currencies, by card or bank transfer. Together we can increase confidence in crypto as an asset and drive its global adoption.

Welcome to Platio, Andriy!