Platio makes a splash in Singapore

Dima and Irina in Sinapore

Platio just returned from the Consensus conference in Singapore, one of the biggest events on the international Blockchain calendar. Just like at the World Blockchain Forum in London, the Platio message found a warm welcome from an audience hungry for crypto-friendly banking. 
The Platio team was out in force and included our CEO Dima Okhrimchuk and CFO Irina Berkon along with our new advisor Early Boykins III. Over to Irina to tell you all how it went!

Singapore greeted us with great warm weather and herds of crypto fans. The city was buzzing, with Consensus only one of the many conferences held here that week.

There were six of us on the Platio team, and we decided to take a divide and conquer approach. Although we did not have a booth, nor did we perform our award-winning pitch, we were able to get the attention of the crowds by introducing our banking solution for businesses that need to seamlessly and securely manage both crypto and traditional currencies.

If our Access Loss product was the big hit of the World Blockchain Forum, in Singapore it was the difficulties faced by blockchain companies in opening bank accounts, which really resonated.

Platio will solve this problem by leveraging its UK and EU licenses, thorough KYC and AML procedures, and an understanding of the blockchain/crypto space to provide banking solutions to these businesses, such as payment cards and bank transfers.

Platio’s additional products, as further described by our CEO Dima Okhrimchuk in this video, will add even more value to our clients and, subsequently, to their customers, employees and consultants.

We heard a lot of different concerns from companies in the blockchain technology space and are considering these concerns in our product roadmap. In order to investigate these issues more deeply we’ve launched a survey, which can be found here.

Thanks to our non-stop networking and the help of our advisors, not to mention the nature of the Platio product, which intrigued and excited everyone, we were able to secure very meaningful and fruitful meetings with potential investors and partners.

Andrzej, Irina, Dima and Dmitriy - spreading the word in Singapore

The director of Andra capital, Early Boykins III, who joined our advisory board recently, was one of many in the crypto space standing up and taking notice of Platio’s innovative product offering. After extensive discussion with fintech experts he said, “the solutions Platio is working on make crypto easy to use in a compliant and user friendly environment. It is a platform that I think will pick up a lot of traction in Asia.

It’s incredibly exciting to see more and more people getting inspired by the Platio message. We look forward to continuing to impress the blockchain community with Platio’s products and solutions.

Next stop, Blockfest Asia in Japan on the 26th and 27th of September!