Walls Immoral Imperative or Impractical

Walls Immoral Imperative or Impractical

Mark Davis MD

A partition between our southern neighbor and the United States is a self- generating necessity. Border walls were not needed when drug and human trafficking were nonexistent. Border walls were not needed when foreign operatives came through the front door. Border walls were not needed when citizens of Mexico and Central America took pride in their own countries and stayed home. The necessity for a border wall changed four decades ago. Since then tens of millions have penetrated our southern border for an array of reasons. These include but are not limited to; a favorable job environment, an attractive entitlement structure, ease of obtaining asylum, an expansive market to distribute drugs, minimal punishment for illicit border crossings, anchor baby laws and a receptive health system. Worse is the intransigence of the political class to stem this human flood. United States has created its own nightmare. With the near magnetic affect created by their neighbor to the north can these people be faulted for seeking refuge here.

Border crossings are no longer confined to our southern friends searching for a better life. The word is out world-wide the doorway to opportunity is open to anyone willing to traverse northern Mexico’s rough terrain. In recent times an array of immigrants from the Middle East, Asia and North Africa nearly succeeded in their efforts to enter through our porous border. Those identified as ISIS terrorists have been apprehended by Immigration and Custom Enforcement agents (ICE). Their intent was not to visit a Broadway show. ICE’s vigilance has saved thousands from the cruel hate these vengeful scum desire to inflict on most vulnerable amongst us. A well-constructed wall would send a message,” you made the trip for nothing.” The insurmountable truth is a wall is crucial to the safety of this nation. There is a war at our southern border that creates a moral imperative for this partition. Criminals, terrorists and those with unsavory intentions against our nation must be stopped regardless of the gridlock inflicted by the left to deemphasize the wall’s necessity. Now at crisis proportions a strong partition will be built, no matter what stand the desolate minds in Washington take.

Absurd wailings by inept and uncompromising members of a waning political class against the wall maybe to protect their non-centrist campaign supporters to which they owe tens of millions. Politicians from A to Z, with left leaning bents, have condemned the proposed wall while refusing to acknowledge they have walls of their own. Those with the loudest voices are the worst offenders who would rather leave the southern border unsecured then allow the American people a win. Already in place is a discontinuous barrier of 700 miles on a frontier of 1954 miles. This manmade partition includes an assortment of fences, metal shielding, barbed wire, concrete barriers and that notorious word “walls.” Interspersed with these physical boundaries are thousands of sensors, cameras and an array of surveillance technologies that alert border agents something is amiss. To call this Trump’s wall is a misnomer, America’s wall is more appropriate. Extending existing partitions and reinforcing other sections is a no brainer. Potential consequences of inactivity will cause a continuation of the tragedies blanking the news daily. Continuing solidification of the southern barrier is humane, moral and righteous. As less people die from drug overdoses and murders inflicted by illegal miscreants the justification for the wall will become more apparent.

There is no coincidence why the legal profession heavily supports House and Senate members who have a penchant to protect the illegal immigrant community. One highly vocal Senator, who is a strong proponent of the immigrant population, is awash with money from lawyers every campaign cycle. The quid pro quo is obvious, yet this high-ranking Senator would have you believe his allegiance is to the nation, not his wallet. Lawyers are drowning in money, from public and private sources, to assure illegals are given due process under current law. Building a wall or blocking their entry into the U.S. would cause billions to vanish from their personal coffers. These are the people who shout loudest of the impracticality of artificial border boundaries.

America’s wall is practical, quite legal and without doubt moral. Those who are linked to causes opposing the wall are selfish, self-centered and completely misinformed. The wall’s intrinsic worth is exponentially more than its costs. The battle to build it was won before the first diatribe was tossed in its direction. There is no judge in the United States who can block the wall’s construction nor politician whose threats will preempt the finances to support the project from moving forward. The President has a pen, paper and a phone one way or another America’s southern frontier will be completed. The question is how far down will the opposing party fall to gridlock its construction. Thank you Mr. President, you are doing the right thing for America, America’s people and those who have been in the dark on this subject too long.