John Duns Scotus; The Trinity, Simplicity, Univocality, And Much More.
Maximus Confesses

If the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are formal distinctions in God, and not real distinctions how is that not modalism. Justice and Mercy are formal distinctions in God, but they are not to the level of persons. What is happening to the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit? Would it be something like this, the form of personhood unites all of the attributes like wisdom, justice, and mercy and that is the Father, and then some internal relations within the being of God cause the Son and Holy Spirit, which have all of the divine attributes.

Let us take attributes like power, wisdom, and love, and make them infinite, and then personhood unites them, or is there the attribute of begetting that unites them, and then this causes another relation within the divine attributes that are united by filiation, and that becomes the father -> son relationship. So the persons are internal relations of the infinite attributes via begetting, filiation, procession, spiration, etc.

I am asking this from the perspective of Scotus