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Protesters against President Donald Trump’s executive order banning travelers from select, largely Muslim country gather at Dulles International Airport (VA).

Perhaps you know what I mean, when I say the past seven days have not been what I hoped for.

Close to three months ago, I took a break from writing, from sharing my opinion, from being in public. I chose to sit with my dog more, to read more, to eat junk food, to avoid the news. I chose to be selfish.

On the day of remembrance for Dr. King, several dozen of us gathered in a restore theater. We discussed race and society and what we do next. It was hard to think how I would contribute.

January 20 was, of course, hard. Friends checked in on me. They knew I’d be taking the day personally. …

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Finding the right words might not be the purpose for life, instead finding the right people.

It’s good weather to carry a heavy heart, I think. The clouds have parked themselves over Waco. Perhaps they’re vacationing — cranking down RV awnings, setting out lawn chairs, hanging clotheslines. …

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Private conversations and “jokes” do not make our words mean less.

It was a weekday and I had met Claire at a Starbucks. It probably was not awkward for her, but it was for me. We were really close friends and, though she didn’t know, I felt like I violated her trust. While she smiled and laughed and talked about classes or what music she was listening to, I could not look her in the eyes.

A few weeks before, I had met her and her sister in town to try a new church. …

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