Ma'ayan Plaut

Manager, Social Strategy & Projects at Oberlin College. My life is occupied with photography, writing, food, and all things social.

Thinking Outside the Email

I’ve spent many of my non-work waking hours working on a presentation for a conference next week. I’ve four conference proposals bouncing around in my head, gently…

Try and Do

The only thing keeping you from doing what you want to do is you.

At a recent networking event here on campus, I was asked for a short quip of advice…

Rocket Fuel

To get one step ahead of social media, we have to think about social content. Social content is the fuel of the social media machine, and it’s what makes our past, present, and future accounts run. Making content more social is my mantra these days, and it should be yours, too.

Social content has:

  • A human touch. Humans like humans, and thinking…

-insert visual here-

I’m a visual communicator. Cameras are my eyes. I majored in cinema studies in college because seeing made more sense than reading, constructing made more sense that…

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Latest Story

Rocket Fuel

A compendium of vegan and vegetarian recipes made and modified.

All my writing is self-reflection. This collection is where I actively try and figure myself out.

Latest Story

Try and Do

My Social Media, My Story

After photographing so many people for so many years, with all those digital trails following my images and the subjects around (forever now, because internet), I’ve started to take a very different approach to my own social media content creation.

You see, my life is filled with people. It’s a really wonderful thing, to have good people…

Committing to Content Strategy

Your post-ConfabEDU dose of feelings

The last two weeks have been ripe with content strategy. Last week at this time, I was coming…

“Yes. This is actual work. Respect yourself and your time.”

Or, I went to #heweb13 and all I got was this awesome takeaway?

It’s Magic Time!

This summer’s Oberlin Summer Theater Festival did a rendition of Moss Hart’s Light Up the Sky — a meta-play about the world of theater. One of the characters in the play, the…

Play with Purpose

You have to play to learn.

But you must also learn from your play.

Network… Better

Nope, I don’t mean on LinkedIn.

Following a conversation sparked by my LockedIn manifesto, I exchanged a few thoughts with some of my Oberlin peers …


LinkedIn, I’ve got a bone to pick with you.

I am no stranger to getting jobs because of (and luckily, for now, not in spite of) social media. My first job in…