I turned 32 this week. I’m not even quite sure how the f*ck that can be a thing, but I’ll save that inquiry for my therapy set list. I mean I’m okay with the fact that I’m 32, but am somehow at a loss for what that means, other than the fact that junior sized super-ultra-low cut jeans can no longer see the word “appropriate” in my closet, and also it’s not 2002, so there’s that. I do have a degree which is pretty rad (< — that word stays in my vocabulary for now), although if I’m being honest it’s in political science so I’m not incredibly qualified to do anything beyond social media troll/politicking and sometimes saying that I think some things are bullsh*t based on certain other nerdy things that nobody really cares about except similar nerdy people; the problem being that when you tell most people *why* you think what you do, their eyes tend to gloss over and/or the tender words “I believe” fire into the discussion in defense of their musings as if any of this means anything in the first place. But I digress because my 100k student loan will surely work to keep my self-righteous indignation to fuckwitted happy hour analysis mindfully in check. No, I don’t need a boyfriend, but maybe a blog.

The truth is that I have considered starting one for awhile, but part of my hesitancy stems from the fact that I (admittedly) tend to have a bit of a hummingbird brain and couldn’t settle on a “purpose.” Is it going to be about culture? or politics? or creativity? or life stuff? or movies that people only seem to like on an ethereal level, when all they really want is Paul Rudd? — but the truth is nobody gives a f*ck, so welcome to my playground. In the words of the great Carrie Bradshaw, “I have a style and jewelled panties aren’t it,” so while admittedly don’t really have a specific “purpose”, my goal is to try not to overthink the fun, and we’ll see if it goes anywhere, wherever that may or may not be. Cheers.- Jen

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