Play2Live Hosts a Grand Hearthstone Tournament

Play2Live will hold its first Hearthstone tournament during May 23rd through May 25th, 2018. Eight players have been invited, ranging from professional players to popular streamers. These players will take part in the first ever Hearthstone tournament powered by blockchain technology and the next generation of streaming interactivity through Play2Live.

Play2Live will host a list of players and commentators for the upcoming tournament, including:

Players from different countries:

Allad, Iner, NickChipper, CaH4ec, Xixo, Eloise, Purple, Surrender.

Commentators in English: Firebat, StanCifka and L0rinda.

Commentators in Russian: Olesami, Boroda, Lebed, Twaryna.

P2L.TV will broadcast the event with esports commentaries in English and Russian. STARLADDER.TV will arrange the broadcast of the tournament in Russian.

Tournament schedule:

May 23, 16:00–22:00 Moscow time (Quarter Finals)

May 24, 16:00–22:00 Moscow time (Lower Bracket Finals and Semi-Finals)

May 25, 17:00–21:00 Moscow time (Grand Final)

In February 2018, P2L’s team hosted the “Play2Live CryptoMasters” for CS:GO in Minsk, Belarus where eight of the leading international CS:GO teams competed for the — 2 000 000 LUC ($ 100 000). The tournament was broadcasted on P2L.TV in 16 languages. More than 120,000 unique users watched the tournament with a total viewership figure exceeding 950,000. By continuing to host more tournaments, Play2Live hopes to foster a friendly atmosphere to bring together the online gaming and cryptocurrency communities.

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