You think eSports streaming cannot be more interactive? Think again

The emergence of platforms such as has opened up a new market of live broadcasting and given a huge impetus to the development of the eSports industry. The data on gaming and eSports markets compared to that of traditional sports markets indicate that in the foreseeable future, people will watch more eSports content than traditional sports events.

Despite the substantial growth of eSports, streaming platforms have scarcely changed in the last five years, with little in the way of enhancing interaction between users and a streamer.

The key weaknesses of existing streaming platforms:

  1. Limited opportunities for users and streamers to interact and no personalization options.
  2. Restriction of users in the ability to earn from their hobbies.
  3. Advertising is persistent and usually there is no option to disable it. The users are frustrated with the advertising and try to avoid it in any possible way.
  4. Every user who wishes to stream their game and earn from this action cannot do it on a regular basis, while they expect to start earning money just after the registration in the system and wish to have more tools to monetize their streams better.

That’s why, in our view, there is a strong need for a solution that would offer drastically different interactive functions such as an opportunity for an every viewer to earn from watching streams and tournaments, to determine the scenario of a stream by assigning tasks to streamers and others. We believe that blockchain technology allows to implement it in the most efficient way.

Play2Live is a streaming platform for gamers with several functional modules that provide users with completely new level of virtual interaction provided by blockchain. Each user registered in the system has a cryptocurrency wallet powered by Level Up Coin (LUC) token, the fuel that facilitates monetization opportunities for all users, from streamers to viewers.

For the first time a streaming platform allows not only streamers to earn, but also viewers.

In particular, viewers are able to earn from:

  • Advertising: For each impression shown a certain number of tokens is transferred to the user
  • Voting and other kinds of contribution on the platform: the provision of consensus on certain actions is encouraged via various rewards
  • Sharing its internet channel via P2P model allowing the streams to broadcast to other users.
  • Performing tasks set by streamers
  • Betting and gambling: A user is able to place a bet and win LUC while watching an eSports tournament on the platform

The streamers are able to earn in 11 ways compared to 5 currently available for them on existing streaming platforms. Revenue sharing model is utilized as a means to split revenue between streamers, viewers and the platform. We provide streamers with an opportunity to freely control numerous economic parameters (for example, allowing to choose subscription fees rates or percentage of revenue from advertising gone to viewers).

The regular users of the Play2Live platform can earn LUC tokens via peer-to-peer CDN service, watching advertisement, performing the streamer’s tasks and in many other ways. As a result, users become more engaged in content creation process and finally become propagators of the project.

All in all, Play2Live introduces 15 key methods of revenue generation within the ecosystem utilizing LUC tokens:

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However, Play2Live does not compete with most of existing crypto projects in eSports and gaming. Moreover, the selected approach allows Play2Live to add such new products and partners into the ecosystem, and offer them the ability to interact directly with the users of Level Up Chain.

To sum up, we have managed to roll out a fair and transparent platform economy powered by blockchain that any streamer and viewer will like. It is a definite step forward to scaling interaction in eSports due to the usage of blockchain.

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Play2Live is a live streaming platform that utilizes Level Up Coin. Follow Play2Live on Medium to be the first to see development blog updates and LUC news.

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