4 AR takeways from AWE 2017 in California

Yes, we were there. No, not talking about Coachella or any other hipster festival. We attended the Augmented World Expo (AWE) 2017, the world’s biggest augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) expo.

During these 3 days all the latest AR and VR news is presented to the public. The more than 200 exhibitors announced new AR and VR technologies in various sectors.

Windows 10 and its new hardware

With Facebook’s R8 on April 18 and 19th, Google I/O on May 17–19 and Apple’s WWDC on 5th of june, these big players weren’t present. Microsoft was. They talked about Windows 10 MR, the Hololens and Remix 3D.


Microsoft definitely chose mixed reality with Windows 10 as their platform. Not only Acer but also HP, Asus, Dell and even Lenovo are building and shipping devices for Windows 10. We’re expecting some magic of Windows mixed reality, just wait and see.

ODG’s incredible 6 DOF

The wearables company Osterhout Design Group, famous for their army AR technology and years of experience released something new.


They showed their R-7, R-8, and R-9 Smartglass Systems, that are also a sign of things moving into the direction of glasses as devices for AR, and their software upgrade: 6 DOF.
Amazingly sharp and detailed models that are tracked smoothly and consistently, using SLAM.

Daqri’s AR helmet

Business is first in adopting these new technologies, consumers are coming next for the simple reason that they are the ones with the budget for AR and VR technology. Daqri is one of those companies that focus completely on AR for business with its smart AR helmet for industrial uses, a heads-up display for cars, and its smart glasses for enterprises.


They are aware of this and know that business shouldn’t adapt to their product but the other way around. They’re listening to what business need.

META: work the way your brain works

At Meta it’s already common to work with AR. According to the CEO every employee executes their tasks with Meta. Their desktop is pc-free and they are surrounded by pictures and videos, reminders and cute baby photos. All of this in another reality. The devices are sold at around 900 dollars and ready to revolutionise our work places.


Will we be working pc-free by 2020?

Up until now, those companies that are using AR, are focussing on remote support. It’s interesting to look beyond the obvious, though. AR can be a fun extra element or just like in the offices of Meta, a new way of working.

By 2020 we should be ready for an integrated AR life with AR at our jobs, free-time and even education or institutions. You could compare this shift to the smartphone era: slowly but certainly taking over our lives.

AR will be combined with other new technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence as a whole. The combination will produce interesting and more relevant applications of AR.

We believe that new insights and new business models will arise

AWE is growing every year and the big tech companies are joining in. This 7th edition was extremely interesting for us as VR and AR enthusiasts. More takeaways coming soon in our next blogpost.

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