Vuforia & Bazookas: A partnership in augmented reality applications

Thanks to Vuforia’s SDK (Software Development Kit) for mobile devices, we can create augmented reality applications that feel real. Our collaboration with Vuforia offers us new opportunities. Good news for augmented reality apps in Belgium:


Recognizing photos and 3D objects in real time.

Vuforia’s Computer Vision Technology makes it possible to recognize and track flat images and simple 3D objects in real time. The most famous example is again … Pokémon, where the virtual objects are positioned and oriented relative to real objects when viewed by a camera of a mobile device.
This way you see virtual objects as if they were part of the real world. In addition, Vuforia’s SDK does not need markers to find the objects, but locates and mapping objects at the same time.

Our reality does not consist of flat objects

What we perceive today is not a flat reality, right? So far our technology has provided us with a flat screen to look at. VR, AR and MR bring another reality into our daily lives, which means that our technology has to work with it in three dimensions.
How is that going to work? Sensors are a good example to enable 3-dimensional technology. So far sensors have been used to detect objects in a space. However, that is a very static way of mapping objects.

Another possibility is SLAM.

SLAM (or simultaneous localization and mapping) uses sensor data from an unknown location and constructs a map by scanning this space while identifying where it is located.
SLAM is a huge advantage for augmented reality applications.

Bazookas and Vuforia

Our collaboration today is unique in Belgium and enables us to test with the latest Vuforia content. Augmented reality apps are a priority for us as an XR studio. Vuforia increases our reach by developing and testing our capabilities.

What your app can see.

With the help of the Vuforia platform, we can now build apps with a large number of recognition features that can bring toys and small objects to life and add digital features to consumer products. Not only object recognition but also word recognition (that we define ourselves or not) is now possible.

Vuforia in practice?

This new feature of Vuforia was just rolled out on Tango-compatible devices. Vuforia Smart Terrain, for example, makes it possible for developers and designers to build AR experiences that dynamically interact with the world around them.
Our own mobile developers have already started testing Apple’s ARKit, the competition for SDKs like Vuforia.

Are you ready for the next step? Mobile augmented reality apps give you a huge advantage over the competition. Discover how we help you along the way.

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