A Free Month-Long Digital Nomad Meetup is happening this October 2019 in Playa Del Carmen Mexico — Here’s the scoop!

Jun 5 · 5 min read

For those of you able to work remotely — for your own business; for freelance clients; or for an employer that’s cool about it so long as shit gets done, the awesome perk you should totally take advantage of, is the ability to travel while working as a digital nomad.

For those of you not with that flexibility yet — pay close attention to this space! There’s currently 4.8 Million Americans who are digital nomads; and 1 Billion people worldwide are projected to be digital nomads by the year 2035!

So what exactly is a digital nomad?

A digital nomad is someone who uses digital technology (essentially, the internet) to work full-time or part-time remotely, while also traveling full time.

With a laptop, good wifi connection, and self-discipline, a digital nomad can work from anywhere in the world and use the internet to access tools like email, video conferencing, slack, whatsapp, & skype, to be in touch daily with their teams, clients, or customers.

Armed with this freedom and flexibility to pick up and work anywhere in the world — a big question for a lot of digital nomads (and aspiring ones) is considering “where” exactly to travel to and work remotely.

While Asia has largely been the most popular region worldwide to attract digital nomads (particularly in Bali & Chiang Mai), we’re big fans of digital nomading in Latin America (closer flights from the US & Canada, hello!), and believe that Playa Del Carmen Mexico has a compelling offering to become the next major digital nomad hubspot of the world.

If you didn’t have a reason yet to consider playa Del Carmen as your next nomad destination — put an extra big star next to it for Playapreneurs Summit a FREE month-long digital nomad meetup lasting the entire month of October 2019 that you’re invited to!

Launched in early 2019 (and inspired by digital nomading in Playa Del Carmen), Playapreneurs is a community for digital nomads who love entrepreneurship and working remote in exotic beach locations. We wanted to create a unique summit where digital nomads could connect more meaningfully without being rushed, and the idea for creating a free month-long digital nomad meetup with Playapreneurs Summit was born!

Our mission with Playapreneurs Summit is to help digital nomads grow their network; grow their business; & grow more meaningful relationships *beachside* — in sunny Playa Del Carmen.

Your free ticket to Playapreneurs Summit includes

  • Free entry to a panel event every Tuesday evening in October 2019 at Nest Coworking on Entrepreneurship, Digital Nomading + the Future of Work, followed by a happy hour social*
  • A free Playapreneurs Summit beach meetup every Saturday in Playa Del Carmen October 2019
  • Complimentary discounted subscription to Adventurely, to help plan meetups during the conference with other attendees and travelers at tourist attractions in and near Playa
  • Free admission to the Playapreneurs Summit Startup Competition*
  • Free admission to the Playapreneurs Summit closing night halloween party*

We know what you might be thinking → “Why Playa Del Carmen Mexico for this, and not Tulum?”

We’ll say this much for starters: If Tulum is considered the “Williamsburg Brooklyn” NY of Yucatan Mexico, think of Playa Del Carmen as the “Astoria Queens” NY of Yucatan Mexico.

Tulum (half hour drive from Playa Del Carmen) is often regarded as the more hipster and “posh” beach experience for traveling to Yucatan Mexico; but over-tourism, high cost of living, & difficulty in getting around Tulum can make it a challenge for many digital nomads to stay in Tulum, who are cost conscious & seeking convenience to work while traveling.

Playa Del Carmen on the other-hand, also has it’s fair share of hyper-tourism and commercialization (yes, there is admittedly a history of “spring break” culture in south Playa), but if you can get past that (and Senor Frogs in South Playa)and dig a little deeper the city, you’ll be surprised to discover that Playa has a noticeably new growing movement focused on art, tech, & sustainability, particularly in North Playa Del Carmen that we find interesting.

Combined with the ease of getting around Playa Del Carmen + better affordability than Tulum, we believe that Playa Del Carmen is experiencing an exciting period of transition with lots of opportunities, and a great overall offering for digital nomads.

The bottom line:

Fast wifi; T A C O S, the beach, walkability, affordability, a lively vibe, and a community of your next new few hundred friends await you in Playa Del Carmen Mexico at Playapreneurs Summit!

Whether you’re a long-time digital nomader, or a first-timer looking to get your feet wet to stay for all or part of the summit, join us!

Book your flights (to Cancun or Cozumel Airport), reserve your accommodation, and rsvp for a free ticket + find more info on the Summit at PlayapreneursSummit.com.

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