Closed Pre-Sale Successfully Completed!

Good night friends!

Yesterday, February 28, Closed Pre-Sale was successfully completed.
Therefore, we have a number of news on crowdfunding!

1. Funds.
We successfully sold tokens at 22.72 ETH and 41,501.5 ETZ;
(2 BTC did not pass KYC, therefore they were canceled)
Address collected funds you can check on our website.

2. The goal is achieved. Soft Cap is reached.
We are pleased to announce that by including ETZ (EtherZero) in our funds, PlayBets has confidently overcome Soft Cap in $ 30,000

3. Funds in ETZ.
In view of the volatility of ETZ (EtherZero), we do not specify the final amount of collected funds, as it varies from $1 to $13 USD on the exchanges. Even with the most pessimistic outcomes (which we personally do not believe in), we have overcome the threshold of funds. And with optimistic, closed the Hard Cap.

4. Bets.
This amount of funds is enough to implement

• update MVP version of the platform to version 2.0
• integration of 3 games (Lucky + Dice, Slots)
• reception of payments in 2 crypto-currencies PLT (PlayBets) and ETZ(EtherZero)
• creation of a prize pool with the ability to play PLT and ETZ (in alpha mode) in all our games

5. Soft Cap.

We reduced the Soft Cap to $ 200,000 based on the results of all collected funds. This amount will be enough to release the PlayBets platform, with a minimum set of games, not all feature that we wanted, but still.
Scaling with this amount will not be so progressive, and the catalog is much smaller, but we will launch our service and justify your trust.

6. Announcements
Already this month we will have announcements on our games
and the PlayBets gaming platform, there will be a lot of new things ahead!
Thank you for your participation and activity!

PlayBets Team !

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