How To Take Part In The PlayBets Token Sale

It’s simple — No registration cabinets needed.

Contributing in the PlayBets Closed Pre-Sale is very easy and straightforward and doesn’t require any excessive actions or information from the backers.

There is no registration process and the minimum contribution is 0.0005 ETH. The only thing required for taking part in the ICO is an Ethereum wallet.

Let’s go step by step in participation in Closed Pre-Sale

Step 1: Buy ether on an exchange

(If you already have ETH you can pass this step)

There are many exchanges out there, such as Coinbase, Kraken, Bitfinex, Bittrex, CEX.IO or any other.

Some of these allow you to trade fiat currency (dollars or euro) for Ethereum directly, while others only allow exchanging Bitcoin (BTC) or another cryptocurrency to ETH. Also, note that exchanges offer different exchange rates. Some might be more favorable to you than others, and the spread may be quite big. Visit a few of exchanges before each transaction, compare their rates and choose wisely!

Step 2: Create your Ethereum Wallet

In order to receive the token that the ICO is selling you need to send the money from a wallet where you have control over the private key. If you send ether from your exchange’s account to an Closed Pre-Sale, Pre-ICO, ICO address all that will happen is you’ll make someone richer.

Instead, once you’ve purchased ether from exchange move the money to a controlled wallet.

We recommend to use:

MetaMask is easy to use wallet during the ICO participation, but with MyEtherWallet you have more control over your future PLT tokens. If you will need to transfer you PLT use My Ether Wallet.

Step 3: Send ETH to the PlayBets Closed Pre-Sale wallet

Whether you already had a wallet full of ether, or have just recently created one using the first two steps from this article, you are now ready to participate in the PlayBets Closed Pre-Sale.

The next thing you need to do is visit the PlayBets website and find button ‘Сontribute’ It will be available right after the Pre-Sale starts on 
December, 22th.

Also you should read and accept all Terms and Conditions (White Paper, Terms and Conditions, Token Sale Agreement) after accept you will get to

Closed Pre-Sale page with the PlayBets Closed Pre-Sale Wallet address.
 This page will be presented with all the necessary information to buy PLT tokens: address to contribute, the minimal amount of contribution, and recommended Gas limit.

The most important thing here is the target address. It’s just another wallet like yours. Select the whole string of characters and copy it to the clipboard.

Now open MyEtherWallet or MetaMask and click ‘Send Ether‘. Paste the target address into ‘To Address’ field, type in the amount of Ether you want to invest and volume of Gas that is recommended to spend.

The last thing you have to do in MyEtherWallet is to click ‘Generate Transaction’ and then ‘Send Transaction’.

That’s it! Now you’re a happy owner of PLT tokens!

All transactions are open and you can check it by link in PlayBets 
Closed Pre-Sale Etherscan.

Step 4: Put PLT tokens into your MyEtherWallet or MetaMask.

You will get an PLTamount corresponding to your ETH contribution. The PLT tokens amount will be calculated and sent to your wallet automatically.

Click on ‘View Wallet Info’ menu and open your wallet as you did before. To the right, you’ll see a block called ‘Token Balances’.

Click ‘Add Custom Token’

You will receive all of the required info from the PlayBets in a transaction. Also you will be able to find this information on the website. In a few seconds after you clicked ‘Save’, you’ll see the balance of your PLT tokens.

That’s pretty much it! You’ve purchased the tokens you wanted!

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