PlayBets & EtherZero (Pre-Sale in ETZ)

Because of the beginning of the integration of payments in ETZ into all our games, as well as the news described in the article
we decided to expand our crowdsale company.

Starting today, we start selling PlayBets (PLT) for EtherZero (ETZ), on extremely loyal and bonus terms. Terms of the company are as follows:

1. Receipt of funds is carried out on the purse in the network Ethereum
(it is listed on our website , when choosing to buy tokens for ETZ)

2. In order to support the network, we set a fixed amount for which we will accept it 
ETZ = $25, $20, $18, $15, $10 USD, depending on the stage of fees.

3. Fees are divided into stages, the goal of fees is limited to 1.000.000 ETZ (enough to create a pool for players and develop a platform)

4. There is a bonus system, it is divided into different stages in time
(Closed Pre-Sale Prices)

In other words, the earlier a participant joins the company’s token, the more the estimated value of ETZ will be.

Stage1. 1 ETZ = 25$. 1 ETZ = 250 PLT. 
The amount is limited to 50,000 ETZ of general fees (0 -50,000 ETH)

Stage2. 1 ETZ = 20$. 1 ETZ = 200 PLT. 
The amount is limited to 100,000 ETZ of general fees ( 50.000–150.000 ETZ)

Stage3. 1 ETZ = 18$. 1 ETZ = 180 PLT. 
The amount is limited to 200,000 ETZ of general fees (150.000–350.000 ETZ)

Stage4. 1 ETZ = 15$. 1 ETZ = 150 PLT. 
The amount is limited to 250,000 ETZ of general fees (350.000–600.000 ETZ)

Stage5. 1 ETZ = 10$. 1 ETZ = 100 PLT. 
The amount is limited to 400,000 ETZ of general fees 
(600.000–1.000.000 ETZ)

If the balance exceeds the specified amount, the fees go to the next stage, with a decrease in the fixed cost of ETZ.
All ETZs collected above the balance of 1.000.000 ETZ will be returned, and the fees will be completed ahead of schedule.
ETZ wallet fees are available for public viewing
(specified in the form to purchase tokens)

5. Limitation.
From Stage 1 to Stage 4, the minimum payment is limited to 10 ETZ.
All transactions sent with a lower amount will be calculated from the conditions of clause 5 (1 ETZ = 10 USD = 100 PLT, instead of increased rate)

6. The PlayBets (PLT) tokens will be sent to the purse addresses after the end of the Crowdsale PlayBets of the company. In the absence of a minimum fee of 30,000 ETZ, all funds will be returned.

7. You can track the balance of the tokens, and transactions for future transfers, you can on our official fee table
(updated every 2 hours)

8. We communicate with the official EtherZero development team to integrate payments; and also received support from their side (a repost of our announcement on Twitter from the company EtherZero)

Useful information from the official website for sending and displaying ETZ

You can find out the address of the ETZ purse PlayBets only on our official website, other resources, except those indicated on the site, are not official, please be careful.
We do not participate in IR-Drop companies, we will never ask for passwords or purse addresses, be attentive and careful in the privacy relationship.

All questions on conducting the company can be asked on our official Telegram channel
Official site fees

Thank you!