PlayBets Pre-ICO (Token Sale is Live)

Today, on March 1, we launch the Pre-ICO.
The stage lasts from March 1 to March 26

1. The reasons for buying Playbets Tokens.

We made 10 reasons for buying tokens, hope you have already read our article

2. Goals of the Pre-ICO.

This is the second stage, the sale of tokens, on it we set the goal of increasing fees to accelerate the development of the PlayBets gaming platform; as well as increasing the gaming community for the platform.

3. Splitting funds into 2 categories.

As you have already noticed, within the limits of fees there are 2 companies
# 1 Token Sale for ETH, BTC and altcoins (on discount terms), described in White Paper

1st Day , 20% Off, 1ETH = 9, 600 PLT
2nd Day, 15% Off, 1ETH = 9,200 PLT
1st Week, 10% Off, 1ETH = 8,800 PLT
2–3 Weeks, 5% Off, 1ETH = 8,400 PLT
Other weeks, 0% Off, 1ETH = 8,000 PLT

# 2 Token Sale for ETZ on bonus terms, is described in the article on Medium

Price of tokens for the Pre-ICO 
1 ETZ = 200–80 PLT (Stage 1–5)

4. The cost of tokens at different stages (for all currencies)

1 PLT = $0,100 (Сlosed Pre-Sale)
1 PLT = $0,125 (Pre-ICO) — Current
1 PLT = $0,166 (ICO)

5. Changing the algorithm for buying tokens for ETH.

Starting with the current stage of selling tokens, we changed the algorithm for selling tokens, it’s next

1. Go to the site
2. Read and accepted the All Terms and Conditions
3. Click Buy for ETH
4. Send the tokens to the indicated ETH wallet
(check the transaction and the Token Sale table (it will be specified)
5. Pass KYC registration by filling out the form 
6. Get PLT tokens after the end of the token sale
(before distribution, you can always check your balance of tokens in the table- specified when purchasing tokens)

6. Other crypto-currencies.
We are extremely pleased to cooperate with the community and the EtherZero team, which is why in the near future we integrate payment acceptance and Bets in ETZ; This also contributes to the early launch of the PlayBets of the game and the platform itself.
This opens up new opportunities for joint scaling and development of two products. In the future, we consider supporting other promising crypto-currencies.

7.Platform Development.

As we wrote earlier, parallel to the token salw, we are developing a platform, in the near future we have plans to implement

• updated MVP version of the platform to version 2.0
• integration of 3 games (Lucky + Dice, Slots)
• reception of payments in 2 crypto-currencies PLT (PlayBets) and ETZ(EtherZero)
• creation of a prize pool with the ability to play PLT and ETZ (in alpha mode) in all our games

Stay tuned!