PlayBets Tokens: 10 Reasons to Buy

Even the most stable cryptocurrencies are subject to recessions. In recent days, the decline and volatility of the market is experiencing great changes. This raises many questions and a lack of confidence in the largest cryptocurrencies. In the opinion of our team, it is the most successful time for buying product projects tokens, projects with clear business plan, with an experienced team and the availability of product mvp. And the PlayBets gaming platform is one of such projects.

With buying Playbets platform tokens, you are making a good contribution to the development of a prospective project. So, why PlayBets tokens are worth buying? Here we distinguished 10 reasons:

1.Profitable sphere

It is believed, that online gambling is one of the most profitable industry. Although, it is difficult to make predictions, but, it is not a secret, that demand for cryptocurrencies is growing rapidly.

Last year, online gambling market amounted to 44 billion dollars (Technavio).

It is expected that the revenue of the online gambling market will exceed 60 billion dollars by 2020. So, it is clear that this sphere is one of the most profitable in the industry.

2. Problems solution

Even for such a large market share, there are a number of problems, which our gaming platform can solve, such as:

  • openness and honesty of gaming results (hashing and blockchain integration);
  • lack of built ecosystem between players and game developers.
  • loyalty and returning (creating an ecosystem of tokens, which is a loyalty program, which allows to retain players and scale the platform);
  • acceptance of 20 types of cryptocurrency.

The technology of fair game results (according to the international method of encryption), drawings of prize funds and jackpots, based on the blockchain, opens new opportunities for gambling. Thus, we are creating a new ecosystem in the existing successful industry.

3. Experienced team

Our team has been developing the most qualitative and entertaining games for many years.

Having the experienced team of developers, huge motivation, support of consultants from the gambling industry, we are ready to take our gambling platform to the next level to show full and effective use of it.

4. Presence of investments

The PlayBets platform was launched thanks to means of the team and seed investments, which demonstrates that people believe in the success of the project.
At the moment, we are also negotiating with a number of cryptofunds, perhaps we will close most of the funds with them.

5. Availability of MVP

The primary aim of the PlayBets team was creating an MVP version of the gaming platform. Therefore, PlayBets is already functioning platform with honest and open game results and daily growing audience. We have already more than 90.000 games and more than 1.000.000 bets in Pc (PlayBets Coins) since the game launched (October, 2017). in automatic and semi-automatic game mode.

6. Proven Business Model

Unlike most services, PlayBets offers a proven, working business model, as well as an understandable international expansion.

The business plan was developed by experienced business managers, basing on working business models of cryptocurrency gaming services.

The business plan is available on the site:

7. Gaming Platform and Token Ecosystem

The platform unites players and game developers It has an internal loyalty program in the form of regular jackpots played between players, game developers and token holders. PlayBets tokens (PLT) are contributing to the increase participants involvement in its development.

Using tokens, you can:

  • play and bet;
  • participate in the Jackpots (weekly and monthly);
  • rotate on the cryptocurrency exchanges.

8. Detailed roadmap

Many gaming projects are indicating in their road maps from 4 to 6 purposes for 2018–2019, not thinking about giving the bakers their purposes and objectives, thereby reducing the percentage of confidence.

Our team has clear deadlines and purposes for each month, which allows to be honest with the bakers and give a full understanding of the development of the project.

9. Objectivity. Usage of money only for the project

90% of the collected funds will go to games and gaming platform development. Our aim is product development and not reinvesting funds in the ICO advertising.

In the future, the scaling of the platform will be due to cooperation with game developers and attracting players will be due to tokens of the gaming platform.

10. Fast scaling of the gaming platform

At the moment, contracts with 6 gaming studios are at the stage of signing and 30 games are at the stage of placing in the catalog of the gaming platform. This will lead to platform’s rapid scaling and development.
We have already completed negotiations with Rockspro on porting 30 slots to our playground, which will increase our catalog and variety of games.

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