How to Receive PlayCoin Tokens to Qbao Wallet.

Apr 5, 2018 · 4 min read

Greetings! This is PlayCoin.

This time, we will tell you how to receive PlayCoin tokens in mobile device.

※ This instructional manual is based on iOS regarding installation. However, the installation process in Android is similar to iOS. There might be different kinds of screenshots but whole installation is similar.

1. Search and download “Qbao Network” in smartphone app stores.
(iOS = App Store / Android = Google Play Store)

Step 1: Download Qbao Application

2. After down load “Qbao Network”, run the app.

Step 2: Run the application

3. On the first screen, you will notice a screen looks like a picture below. To create new wallet, press “Create Wallet”.

(If you already have Qbao wallet, you may import your wallet by pressing “Import Wallet”. To restore/import your wallet to your phone, please read “How to import Qbao wallet”.)

Step 3: Import or Create Wallet

4. The screen below explains whether you understood how to back-up your Qbao wallet correctly or not. Read the direction in the blue box and answer the question. The correct answer is the first one and press [Done. Move to next step].

※About back-up method in Qbao Wallet (in the blue box)

Qbao Wallet uses “mnemonic” back-up method. To be simple, when you create new wallet; new private key will be provided for that wallet. This private key is formed with 12 steps. Now this private key IS THE mnemonic key. One thing about mnemonic key is that the data is not stored. So, you must save your own mnemonic key like writing in somewhere. IF YOU LOST YOUR mnemonic key, you cannot back-up and restore your wallet. It is gone forever. For mnemonic key matter, please look for #7 of this instruction manual.

Step 4: Create mnemonic key

5. This is where you enter your wallet information. Enter your information, and press “Create Wallet”. a window will pop-up, and press “Backup Now”.

Step 5: Register wallet

6. If you want to use application with fingerprint, please proceed with fingerprint register. Also, press “open” for Login Protection.

Step 6: Additional protection (Optional)

7. As picture shown below (the one with Example), the mnemonic key shows up. The words in red box are the mnemonic key. When you back-up the wallet, you must combine those words correctly. Please do not lose this mnemonic key. Otherwise, YOU WILL LOSE EVERYTHING IN THE WALLET! After getting and save your mnemonic key, press “Next Step”. You must finish creating new wallet with completing mnemonic back-up lesson. You must form the sentence completed; and press “Confirm”.

※The example below is to explain the process. Actual words will be different. In other words, everyone has different words of mnemonic key.

Step 7: Mnemonic backup

8. Congratulation! You have created a Qbao Wallet. You can see PlayCoin Token(PLY) in the very first screen. From this screen you can check, send; and receive PlayCoin(PLY).

Step 8: Qbao Wallet on the way

9. Press “Copy” to copy your wallet address. It will automatically copy your Qbao wallet address. This is where you can receive your PlayCoin Token!

Step 9: You can use PlayCoin now!


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