Marijuana is not just for hippies

The legalization of marijuana has been a very strong topic which has divided many in there opinion. Many think it is just for hippies who want to get high. Supporters of legalizing marijuana would however oppose to such accusations. Although, there is very little scientific evidence that marijuana is medically helpful, supporters still believe marijuana should be legalized for the little scientific evidence there is.

The little scientific evidence provided however, has rallied up supporters into wanting marijuana legalized.

In the following article it is stated how marijuana has helped patients suffering from epileptic seizures. As stated in the article above, two percent of patients involved in the cannabis experiment were alleviated completely of their seizures. Although it is not a big factor this is a big step in proving cannabis is medically relevant. Scientist involved with cannabis and epilepsy have stated that the extract CBD from marijuana could potentially aid patients with severe epileptic seizures. This is could potentially make the lives of those suffering from seizures.

Apart from aiding patients who suffer from epileptic seizures, cannabis has also been shown to alleviate the side effect of chemotherapy and actually help kill cancer cells. As stated in the following article,

smoking cannabis has been shown to be helpful with the treatment of pain caused by damaged nerves. Also, those patients who have decided to use cannabis tended to use less pain medication as it has relieved some pain. This brings great hope to cancer patients as it is quite known that they are in constant pain and suffering. With this information many cancer patients will be in favor of the legalization of marijuana as it will ease the pain from their plate. Currently there are drugs containing cannabis extracts which help with nausea and vomiting caused by the chemotherapy. Cannabis also helps those patient with HIV/AIDS by improving their food intake.

Although, the research on cannabis is very little due to the restriction from the DEA, supporters believe marijuana should be legalized for it has promising outcomes in the medical field. Many supporters are getting behind the legalization of marijuana as they believe its legalization would be beneficial for those suffering as it could alleviate their pain. Cancer has always been a depressing disease, by legalizing marijuana it would potentially have scientist one step closer to potentially finding a cure for this awful disease.

Apart from being medically relevant legalizing marijuana would also reduce social cost. Many people have been sent to prison for only being in possession or something related to marijuana otherwise they respectfully obey the law an have no other charges against them. You may be asking yourself, why do we care about this ? Well, when law enforcement arrest the suspect, they must go to court several times and spend time in jail.

As stated in the article, it cost about $3.6 billion a year to enforce laws on possession on marijuana. This is quite costly for the nation, legalizing marijuana would save the US money and save the lives of those having marijuana in possession as being simply arrested could ruin their chances at obtaining loans and other things. With this there is also another $51 billion annually used for reducing the use of drug in the US. This would potentially save the US about $55 billion annually which could be used for other useful things such as education or health care.

Which such information provide supporters have an even greater cause to want the legalization of marijuana. Nothing can make anyone want to support this cause than the potential cure of cancer and all those patients suffering from epilepsy. Not only that but the legalization of marijuana would also save the US a lot of money and could save the record of those who have been convicted for being in possession of marijuana.

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