Dribble Head-to-Head Game Rules

Your Objective

Pick five players and score more fantasy points than your opponent.


Daily (craft teams for each days fixtures, see who wins after the games are complete)

5-a-side Teams

1 goalkeeper (GK)
1 defender (D)
2 midfielders (MF)
1 Striker (F)

Fantasy Scoring

Touch — 0.1

Accurate Pass — 0.3

Goal — 10

Assist — 6

Save — 6

Shot on Goal — 4

Shot — 2

Key Pass — 2

Tackle Won — 1

Foul Won — 1

Duel Won — 1

Interception — 1

Cleansheet GK — 10

Cleansheet D — 5

Foul committed — -1

Goal Conceded GK — -2

Yellow Card — -2

Red Card — -5

Own Goal — -5


Once players are chosen for your team, you can make two substitutions up until the matches go live. Each substitution you make is -10 points.


When you pick to play against a random opponent you’ll be matched up against someone who has made a different first pick than you. Either your opponent or your first pick will become the second pick in the draft and the draft will proceed in normal order from there.

You will have 30 minutes to complete your picks each turn. If you miss your turn, the computer picks the next best projected player according to the season average of their performance.

Other Rules & Notes

If you start a game versus a random opponent and you’re not matched up within an hour, your game will be cancelled, and any associated money will be refunded. Players who do not play (whether injured, cut, traded to a team that doesn’t play that week, their team’s game is cancelled or any unforeseen events) will receive zero points.

If a game is postponed, the stats for the game will only count if it is played before the last game in the given draft window. Once you request an opponent, you cannot cancel your game.

Scoring revisions will be applied up until the final game in a draft window ends. Once that game ends, games will be finalized and any future scoring revisions will not apply.

Any users who are caught cheating will have their accounts closed immediately.

Questions? Email us @ support@playdribble.com

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