On Rejection in the Life of a Writer
Rachel Toalson

Gratitude: Rejection allows me to Exclude & Move Ahead as a Writer

Hi Rachel,

I appreciate your take on rejection. I have sent very little of my writing out to publishers. I am revising an edited draft of my memoir and decided to share excerpts of my working manuscript as I move ahead to complete my memoir entitled, I Would Have Named Him Peter.

Two take-aways from your piece. If I don’t send out any of my personal narratives or poetry to publishers nothing will happen. My writing will remain in drawers. No one will read what I have written to share and no one will be able to publish my work.

Its not personal. My memoir is the story of my experience as a surrogate mother and what I have learned from that experience. My experience is the reason I am creating today and advocating for a play-based, depth-oriented life.

I have shared your post and will be following along.