My Shady Life as an Underage Drinker
Nick Tucker

I personally am 22 now, and I gotta say I do believe it’s morally right to restrict alcohol. Now let me defend myself because there is actually for a good reason. I was personally curious, so I started looking for reasons that the age would be 21. With that being said all I found online was where the law was derived from, but couldn’t find an actual reason. After that I spoke with a Professor of Medicine, and she explained to me that there are studies that show two things 1) The brain isn’t fully developed until around age 21, and 2) a human body can’t filter alcohol all that effectively in most humans under the age of 21. She said that because of those two particulars that drinkers under the age of 21 are at a high risk of being functionally impaired, both mind and body, and because of that the age restriction has been and will likely remain 21 because medical science can defend the it.

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