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Hi, my name is Garry & I’m one of the creators of Player XP, the only review analysis platform dedicated to mobile games. Today I’m going to share with you how the latest changes to Player XP allows you to find great new games to play on your mobile phones.

To give you a bit of background, I love making and playing mobile games. When the original iPhone was released I was straight in there playing the early set of games that boomed on the App Store. Lately however, the task of finding new games to play has become increasingly difficult. To me, it seems like the majority of the apps available now have huge budgets and often are very similar to the other games in the charts. The job of finding those hidden gems on the app store is almost an impossible one now.

This is where Player XP wants to help, we believe that through the use of our Artificial Intelligence (AI), players can now quickly find games that match their play style. To showcase this, I’m going to try and find some new games that match my own playstyle. I love resource management games, the ones where you start from scratch and build your way up the ladder by investing your resource in certain areas and avoiding the pitfalls. These games have to be difficult to master, aimed at adults rather than children and easy to pickup and play. I travel a lot and it’s essential for me to have a suite of games ready to play at any time.

So you know, currently I have I have Fallout Shelter, New Star Soccer, Motorsport Manager, Game Dev Story & AdVenture Capitalist all installed and active on my phone.

To find some new games to play, I’m going to first use Player XP’s rankings to see what games are ranked highest and then login to the system and use the built-in review analysis tools to check they don’t contain any hidden ‘extras’.

The Hunt Begins

The top games currently on Player XP’s rankings

So I’ll start on Player XP’s Rankings page, here we list out all of the top games according to their Player XP score. The score has been given based on a number of different elements but is mostly based off of the overall customer satisfaction of the reviews left for each game.

Straight away I can see that Geometry Dash is top of the charts right now but as I’m on the lookout for a very specific type of game, I’ll need to refine the rankings a little.

To narrow down the rankings I’ve set the Genre filter to ‘Simulation’ and now I can see the top games that match my Simulation requirement. The top 5 games are:

  1. My Horse
  2. Pocket Frogs
  3. Eden — World Builder
  4. Egg Baby
  5. Zombie Life
The top Simulation games currently found on Player XP

This list is a good starting point for finding some new games to play but I’m a little concerned that some of them may not fit my age range so I’m going to apply the Audience filter to remove anything that is aimed at children. The new top 5 games returned are now:

  1. Eden — World Builder
  2. Pocket God
  3. Minecraft: Pocket Edition
  4. F-Sim Space Shuttle
  5. Mystery Manor: Hidden Adventure HD

As you can see this list is a bit more appropriate for a 27 year old! As you can see Eden — World Builder has stuck around so I think i’m definitely going to have to check that out. I can also see Minecraft has entered onto the list, and whilst I like Minecraft, I’ve already played it so i’m going to remove that from my list.

The final check I’m going to do on the Rankings page is to order the games by their ‘Recent Score’, this score is assigned based on the reviews from the past 4 weeks rather than for all time. I want to ensure that the latest version of the game is reliable and not buggy and this ordering should help with that. The new top 5 are:

  1. AdVenture Capitalist!
  2. Jurassic World: The Game
  3. Restaurant Town
  4. Gordon Ramsay DASH
  5. Block Earth

As already mentioned, I’ve already played AdVenture Capitalist! So remove that from the list and maybe replace it with ‘Eden — World Builder’ which is scoring high across multiple filters. I’m now left with 5 games to explore with.

  • Eden — World Builder
  • Jurassic World: The Game
  • Restaurant Town
  • Gordon Ramsay DASH
  • Block Earth

Better check the reviews.

One final thing I’m going to do now I’ve got the shortlist of games is check whether or not each game is easy for me to pick up and play quickly. To do this I’m going to take advantage of Players XP’s review analysis system to take a look at some of the players feedback relating to the games player experience and it’s interface design.

Now Player XP offers completely free access to every game in the system, all you need to do to take a look for yourself is enter your email and you’ll be able to click directly through from any game shown on the Rankings page.

Once you’ve logged in and have loaded up each individual game, you can take a top level look at a game by scrolling down to the ‘Subjects — Sentiment’ graph. This graph gives you an overview of how well certain parts of the game are being received by the players. For example, I can see that ‘Gordon Ramsay DASH’ user experience section has a score of 75 which is very encouraging and probably secures it a place on my final list!

A radar graph showing Gordon Ramsay DASH’s subjects sentiment.

Some of the other games in my list are only scoring around 50 which is average so I’m going to dive further into the reviews by going to the ‘Review Explorer’ and selecting the User Experience filter. By clicking this, I now can only see reviews containing feedback relating to the User Experience and straight away I can see reviews referencing the Interface for Block Earth…

User interface is horrendous yet another cheap minecraft knock off

That’s not great and the rest of the reviews for that game follow the same pattern, so sadly Block Earth is off the list.

I run the same check on the other games in the system and whilst some of them contain reviews complaining about the odd issue, the majority of them are strong.

The absolute final check is to see if any players are complaining about adverts being too intrusive, this can be a major annoyance for me so to do this search I simply click the ‘Monetisation’ filter to see if the reviews talk about the adverts in a negative way.

Most of the games pass this check however there are a large number of users complaining about disruptive adverts in ‘Restaurant Town’ so I’ve now removed that from my list as well.

The ad pop ups are very distributive and intrusive. As soon as one popped up its stopped the game and showed me a shopping targeted Ad. If I wanted to be shopping I would be shopping not playing games. For this reason I deleted the game ASAP.
Some of the reviews containing feedback relating to Restaurant Town’s monetisation techniques
  • Eden — World Builder
  • Jurassic World: The Game
  • Gordon Ramsay DASH

Follow Up

I’m really pleased to say that 2 out of the 3 games found were exactly what I was looking for in a mobile game. The only one that was a bit of a miss was ‘Eden — World Builder’ which isn’t as much of a Simulation game as first hoped.

Head over to Player XP now to start hunting for new games to play!

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