Player XP Guest User Impressions — Polygrammatic Limited

We’ve already talked a lot about how we think Player XP can help you however we know what’s more important is what our users think. As the first part in a series of guest impressions, we’ve asked one of our users to give you his impressions of Player XP…

My name is Christo, and I am the director of Polygrammatic Limited, a small independent games development studio that makes games for Steam, Xbox One and Windows 10 Store. Working on small mobile game ideas in my spare time, I’m currently using Player XP to research and get a ‘public / user’ opinions of games and areas within games.

To start off with an example: when looking at User Interaction for my game ideas, I can search for other games that ‘I think’ have a good UI, and see how well they were received by the public. Then after additional research, I can start to improve my own designs and ideas based on what users have said about other products, as well as my own requirements outlined in the beginning.

Before I have to start sifting through all the reviews, Player XP categorises the information into a small infographic that allows me to see any standout data ‘Mentions’ such as the audio, updates and the user experience. This is excellent when I’m looking for fast ‘surface’ information about the games before looking into them further.

An area I’m happy to see not lacking in features; Player XP has included a selection of great search filters on the site so that I can filter reviews based on rating, location, version, category etc, then if I need to recall information that I wanted to get back, I can filter if it’s a review that I have already viewed or not. The latter being a small feature, but one I use frequently, — I use it to tag reviews that I want to come back to.

As a game developer, I will be using Player XP to keep track on any mobile games I publish in the future, and at present, it’s becoming a daily tool for researching and validating ideas and design choices. I really like being able to search through multiple games for common themes, and I like frequently use the ‘hover-over-category-icon’ below each review so that I can read the highlighted information I’m looking for without having to read the whole review.

It’s great for seeing consumer spending trends and habits, and is also being used as an educational tool for my own curiosity. I was strangely surprised how people spent and discussed their purchases: commonly seeing a mix of “I don’t like waiting for X to recharge…” alongside, “I spent $7 on getting infinite X, and it was the best $7 I’ve ever spent”. I’m starting to see how some games have found that balance not just in monetisation, but in their UX and design. This information is invaluable.

For me, I’m able to have all the documented opinions about a game, categorised, organised, and presented in a digestible format that I can learn from and take forward within my own designs.

My thoughts moving forward? I’d like to see a tagging system in place where within my own user account I can add a flag that is only available to my account. I have come across some interesting reviews that I would have like to have the ability to attach an additional marker that I can use.

I’m also looking forward to using Player XP to put together some small internal design documents for good design practises based on the information I’ve found in the reviews. The more I use the service, the more I’m starting to find common trends and correlating data that will be used to inform my future design decisions, not just in mobile games, but in games developed by myself and Polygrammatic Limited.

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