What do the players think? Disney Crossy Road

The latest game from Australian games company, Hipster Whale

When Crossy road was released back in 2014 it took the industry by storm, quickly gaining traction and public interest with it’s simple, familiar control scheme and fun graphics.

This is definitely very addictive and interesting game. My whole family loves it and we always try to break each other’s records. Plus it’s fun discovering new characters every now and then. Five stars!
The original Crossy Road.

So when Disney Cross Road was released last week the team here were very keen to see what’s changed. After all it’s been just over a year since the original was released. To find out, we turned to Player XP to examine the new games reviews…

I love this game so much! All the details in here are amazing! Different characters from different movie have a diverse homepage! The soundtracks match each movie! I can not wait to see what the future updates hold. Keep up the great work :)

The main change is obvious, new content featuring characters from the Disney catalogue. You could say this has gone down well…

It’s Disney and Crossy Road. That’s it. And it’s awesome! The different characters all play in their perspective movie levels. It’s awesome. Tangled characters play in a jungle, Big Hero 6 characters in San Fransokio, and Inside Out characters are inside Riley’s head…and you pick up memories as play.
Now featuring all of your favourite Disney characters

Not every change has gone down well across the board, some players aren’t very happy with the tweaks to the art style.

The outlined voxel art is horrible looking. I get it was supposed to look ”toony” but whoa…total miss. Disney style is inherently not voxely and the two should not have been mixed. This game feels like a cheap knockoff, nothing new here and what’s the same looks awful

Users are also experiencing a high amount of problems with the game, with some noting consistent lag and crashing throughout the game.

this game is awesome and all, but please get rid of those crash and lag bugs for me. thank you!
I love Crossy Road but this is so glitchy I’m so disappointed with this game.
There are a lot of lags during game play. Through the Wreck-it Ralph theme, it takes ages just for the characters to move. I hope all these glitches get fixed, other than that it’s a really great game!

Hopefully these issues will be fixed very soon and then we’re sure Hipster Whale will have another hit on their hands.

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