Eternity is a fantasy-themed Role-Playing Game created by a core team of experienced engineers, DeFi (“decentralized finance”) platform operators, game designers, and composers.Eternity features a living world that is constantly evolving. In Eternity, your group of heroes will battle other-worldly denizens in near real-time while earning items, $GOLD, and $GLORY. As you advance through the adventures and campaigns, you will find heroes who are eager to join you on your conquest.

Eternity intends to offer never-before-seen technology (including our proprietary gaming engine, EDGE — Eternity.Developers.Gaming.Engine) that pushes the boundaries of play-to-earn blockchain gaming. Eternity is being engineered to work across most blockchains, which will give players the ability to play Eternity on their favorite chain. Initially, Eternity will target Solidity-based chains (e.g. Avalanche, Binance Smart Chain, Fantom, Polygon). Heroes and Items in Eternity are NFTs, which can be transferred across chains that support Eternity.

Core Concepts

Play-to-Earn — We’re designing Eternity so that players can earn NFTs and coins while playing the game. These NFTs can come in a variety of flavors: consumables (e.g. potions/flasks, scrolls, torches); characters/items (of various rarities). The coins that players earn in the game can be used to enhance and/or purchase heroes/items. Additionally, $GOLD can be used to participate in epic adventures and campaigns.

Staking — The $GLORY token can be staked on the platform to earn experience potions, which are used for leveling your heroes. The act of staking is beneficial both to the platform, as it removes some volatility from the $GLORY token while offering you receive valuable potions. Additionally, the achievement system encourages users to stay staked (G,G), as certain items, heroes, and adventures can only be unlocked through staking.

Bonding — In addition to earning $GLORY in-game, Glory can be earned through purchasing Eternity Bonds. In exchange for various tokens (e.g. AVAX, FTM, MATIC, BNB, USDC) and LP pairs (e.g. USDC-GLORY), players will receive $GLORY. By purchasing $GLORY, players benefit from the ecosystem of Eternity. For those that are familiar with Proof-of-Liquidity (coined by OlympusDAO), bonding will look similar in Eternity, with discounted $GLORY available through the purchase of bonds.

In-Game Governance — Players who wish to participate in the evolving world of Eternity will be able to do so through holding and staking the $GLORY token. Participation includes helping the core Eternity team with system design and storyline elements for the platform.

Loot Boxes — These can be purchased at the General Store, and may contain random characters, items (equipment, scrolls, torches, flasks), and/or tokens.

Treasury — The Eternity Treasury is tracked on-chain and provides Proof-of-Capital, which can be used to determine the revenue of Eternity.

Adventures — Adventures are used to level your heroes while earning loot and experience.

Campaigns — Campaigns tell the lore and story behind Eternity. Campaigns reward experience, loot, characters and are required in order to unlock various locations in Eternity

Equipment — At launch, heroes can equip the following: (1 or 2) Weapons, Armor, (2) rings, (1) necklace. Each hero can have their own set of equipment. Equipment can have various stats and resistances assigned to it. Some equipment may be more useful for certain adventures and campaigns. Extra equipment can be sold at the auction house.

Stat System — The stat system in Eternity is extensive. Core stats include Power, Focus, Agility, Toughness, Vitality, and Luck. Secondary stats include resistances (e.g. Fire, Cold, Death, Chaos, etc.), Crit Chance, Haste, etc.

Turn Meter — The turn meter leverages our EDGE engine. Certain abilities and items will influence your turn meter. When a character’s turn meter is full, they can attack.

Advanced NPC AI — The AI for the Non-Player Characters (monsters) in Eternity ensures that encounters will be varied and challenging for players of all skill levels.

Auction House — The Auction House is a core tenant in Eternity. Players can use the Auction House to buy/sell characters and items.


As mentioned above, Eternity operates in near real-time, where heroes can fight monsters to earn rare and valuable items, characters and coins. At launch, Eternity will work on most modern browsers.

Unlike many Play-to-Earn games, in Eternity, every action is animated and happens in near real-time. When you cast a spell, you see it on the screen. When you’re crushing your enemies, you see the action happening! You will not need to interact with your wallet on every transaction. We found that this creates a much more immersive experience, as you no longer have to worry about paying gas for every action.

Wen Launch, Wen $GLORY Whitelist

We’re aiming to launch Eternity in Q1 of 2022. Features at launch include (but are not limited to):

Prior to launch, we will be offering character NFT bundles as well as $GLORY tokens.

There is also a special character that can only be earned by people who are whitelisted prior to our launch.


We’ve rolled out a Twitter page to start spreading the good word about Eternity. You can follow us here:

We’ll have a Discord and other channels in the coming weeks.



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