You skirted around the actual topic.
Shachar Haad

I agree with you. My piece wasn’t intended to really be about Gamergate at all, although that’s another good example of the phenomenon I was describing in the piece. I just cited the event at VidCon (which was of course part of Gamergate, hence the tag), and more specifically the response from the coordinators, as an example of what happens when ideological homogeneity reaches pathological levels.

As a side note, the problem of ideological homogeneity is also currently causing the demise of ESPN, in the exact same way as what happened in Gamergate: politicization, particularly in a very leftward direction, of topics where viewers don’t want to hear about politics, with nobody there to say, “Hang on, what if our viewers don’t want to be lectured about transgenderism and racism when they tune in for sports?”. The difference is that the people in sports journalism aren’t ballsy enough to have their own Gamergate, so their networks are just going to die.