Data Analytics in Blender — Pandas and Quandl in Blender

Once I knew that I could use Python to script in Blender, an obvious question that came to mind was whether I could use it for data analytics and visualisation.

And the answer is of course, yes!

But before I begin showing how one could visualise data within the Blender…

Primer on Generative Art in Blender

What we will create in tutorial

I was learning how to use Grasshopper and Python in Rhino3D. Pretty nifty for generating art. Then my trial subscription to Rhino3D ran out. Pity.

Blender seemed to be a rather good open source alternative, with Python as the scripting language. But before learning the Python API in Blender, I…

I came across this shop in Chinatown, Singapore. Filled to the brim with curios, old and new, it was a fascinating experience. || ||

Tweening in p5.js

p5.js is great when it comes to getting a simple animation up and running in the browser, compared to say d3.js, which requires a fair bit more boilerplate.

But one thing that p5.js does not have is an easy way to manage transitions between states, which d3.js has. We could…

Style Transfer X Generative Art

Style transfer, where you transfer an artistic style to a selected image is great fun.

But I thought that I would go one step further. Instead of just applying style transfer to some boring photo or image, I thought I would try to dynamically apply it to art generated that…

A back alley in Singapore. These little nooks are all over the island, and one of my fave jogging side journeys. || ||

Time Series Analysis with Python

Time series analysis is essential when looking at financial data.

Time series analysis simply means analysing data that changes over time. …

Getai roughly translates to a stage for song and dance in Singapore. This gets staged during important festivals (to entertain humans), as well as the seventh month when the gates of Hades supposedly open (to entertain non-humans).

The entertainers usually do Chinese opera, or Chinese songs for the 60s/70s.

Decided to do a quick sketch of it on a Sunday night, and decided to have a ballet dancer on the stage for change. || ||

(Almost) All the Most Common Machine Learning Algorithms in Javascript

I did a Masters in Knowledge Engineering almost a decade ago. Back then, data science wasn’t even a word. Knowledge engineering was kind of a pre-cursor to data science today. The aim then was to use build systems that could facilitate knowledge management (the hot thing then). …

Nature and Math: Particle Swarm Optimisation

I was just looking for alternate portfolio optimisation methods when I came across particle swarm optimisation.

The basic idea behind particle swarm optimisation is simple, yet intriguing. And it is pretty much an extension of the way autonomous particles are typically coded in p5.js.

The particle swarm optimisation algorithm reminded…


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