Hello, we’re Play Impossible

How far can you kick? How fast can you throw? How many times can you catch a ball without dropping it? Can you do it again or beat your best record? These questions challenge both young and old to play, compete and most of all remain in motion.

The forces of daily life often conspire to keep me still. Stuck in traffic, at the desk or on the sidelines watching my kids’ sports — only the temporary relief of a screen delivers an illusion that I’m really doing something. The kid in me is calling out to play.

I have developed and designed interactive experiences for news media, education, and entertainment for over twenty years and unintentionally all of it assumed the person on the other end was an idle consumer. It was when I took a leap into creating digital experiences for kids that fear struck me — the outcome of my creation is just idler time for us all.

I now see the irresistible pull and emanating blue light upon my two boys faces, ages ten and thirteen, every day. You can bet with massive investment in virtual reality that this will only become more addicting and that sitting still becomes even more normal for kids and adults. And those are only the games, then there is social media’s constant swipe at our attention. You simply cannot look away.

It’s not our normal state to sit still. Active play, anything that gets you huffing and puffing, leads to independence, creativity, cooperation, concentration and fitness. Watch kids at a neighborhood park or an open gym pick-up game and it’s obvious of all that is good is in physical play. It leads us to be happier and healthier.

So how do we bridge all this goodness of digital media with the greatness of physical play? The kid in me received that call to get moving and I’m launching a new gaming company with two amazing co-founders dedicated to bringing together the digital and physical to create a new type of interactive play.

We’re Play Impossible and we’re giving the ball some more game.

The founding team includes myself, Chief Product Designer, Gadi Amit, the world renown designer and founder of NewDealDesign that’s worked with likes of FitBit, Google and Intel; and CTO Kevin Langdon, a brilliant technology and video guru. We’re a veteran crew that started Play Impossible out of wanting to make a digital active play experience that was fun. Together, our past work has produced consumer products that are used by millions every day.

“The ball is an ageless object and the fun of playing it doesn’t need to be reinvented, instead we’re connecting it to today’s mobile games and mobile-first audience,” said Amit. “Starting this company has been a way for me to bring together the physical and digital to create pure and simple joy.”

— Gadi Amit, Co-Founder & Chief Product Designer

The Play Impossible Gameball™ is inflatable with a small brain inside. Once hooked up to the smart phone, the challenges and games are endless and inventive and the app records play and highlight videos. A rapid charging stick refuels the ball for two more hours of play in just 20 seconds — while you catch your breath.

Developing hardware and wireless software that is fast, accurate, small and that can take a beating has been extremely difficult. But watching someone play with a Gameball for the first time is a magical experience. The immediate visual and audio feedback on the app created by their physical play always produces a smile.

— Kevin Langdon, Co-Founder & CTO

Play Impossible games are centered around ball play and naturally incorporate movement, hand-eye coordination and agility into the games, so the experience is familiar, interactive and fun. It’s also built for the mobile generation of kids who expect challenging levels, achievements and shareable moments they can quickly publish video highlights to their favorite social networks. The Play Impossible Gameball™ can be used at home, the backyard, playground or anywhere you can toss or bounce a ball.

While we are incredibly excited to bring consumers our new cutting edge technology we also care greatly about how we design and manufacture our products.

Durability is also a critical element and we have a partnership with Baden Sports to co-develop the ball itself. We were drawn to Baden by their reputation and their commitment to quality design and manufacturing. It’s truly a craft to produce a professional quality basketball or volleyball and we are using this tried and true process while updating it to accommodate our electronics and software.

We’re announcing the company and launching today on Indiegogo and Microventures. It’s part of the new opportunity for anyone and everyone to invest in early stage companies and products they believe in and will have equity, not just a prize or product, as a result. Play Impossible was selected as part of Indiegogo’s initial Crowd Equity Funding launch.

The company is also funded by Two Sigma Ventures and personal investments from incredible individual investors who share our passion for active play. The founders have also made considerable investment to reach this point.

The Play Impossible Gameball™ will retail early in 2017 from $99.99 with the app available on both iOS and Android. The Indiegogo campaign is now live at https://equity.indiegogo.com/offerings/play-impossible.

I’ll publish here on Medium.com to share our journey and you can stay connected with us at www.playimpossible.com.

Get out and play!

— Brian Monnin | Co-Founder & CEO