Different Qualities of Playing Cards And How They Are Made:

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Before we get to the quality of inputs used for custom playing cards and card games, I would like to tell a bit about the economical grade playing cards that are made in huge huge quantities for very large markets. Later I shall tell about the higher grade and also about plastic playing cards and how these are printed through a special printing process………..You can get playing cards that are very economical in price where 250 gsm or lower thickness sheets are used of eco-grade paper with very low coatings done on one side of the cards after the printing process is completed.

These are the cheapest playing cards that you can get for the money. Packed in a thin paper boxes these are sold in large quantities and mostly used for just a few games and then discarded. Container loads of such cards are exported every day. Next you can get a slightly better quality playing cards that are made out of 270 to 280 gsm thickness sheets with some coating done on both side surface of the sheets before these go into cutting and get packed into tuck boxes. These cards are better than the cheapest of playing cards but still not good enough. However these shall last a few games more. Still higher you shall be able to source playing cards made out of 300 gsm sheet stock which may have a grey core or a blue core layer inside the sheets (not the best quality though). The above mentioned three type of playing cards are produced in bulk and sold at very economical prices.

The most economical card packs that are printed on 250 gsm or eco-grade sheets are normally shipped in bulk and consumed by the lower income group for game play as a past time. I have hardly seen anyone getting their custom playing cards made from this quality of sheets. Yes, we have had a few customers from the telecom and the auto spare parts industry who wanted to popularize a new brand in the market and they ordered such economical grade custom playing cards in quantities going into millions for mass circulation. For the medium grade of cards that are printed on 270 gsm or higher, we have had some liquor brands that had come up with economical drinks and wanted a large circulation of customized playing cards. Such brands have again taken millions of packs with their brand names on the packs for mass circulation. Almost always such personalized playing cards do not have anything other than a logo coming on the card back with standard playing card faces on the card fronts. The slightly better quality of 300 gsm is a tricky product as we have the grey core and the blue core and also some black core sheets coming in this thickness. You can see our print process here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cUBorxosoyk. More details about this quality type and playing card manufacturing can be read here:…http://playingcardsind.livejournal.com/521.html

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