How to playish: Publishing your first game on our platform

So you made a game in Unity and you are thinking about uploading it to playish to share with the world. But HOW??? Yea it is a good question. It is not as complicated as it might seem and after you are done reading this guide it should hopefully be clear.

Also as of the writing of this guide we are still in alpha/early access. We wanted to have a transparent development process and give you guys something to experiment with, test and break.

Implementing the Playish API (Optional)

You do not really have to do anything special with your games to be able to publish and play them on Playish. However, if you want the Playish controller to work with your game then there is a small amount of extra work.

You can find it here along with furher instructions about integration:

Building for WebGL

To make your game work on Playish it has to be built as a WebGL game. If your games Build Settings are not already set to WebGL you can go to File > Build Settings… Pick WebGL in the list of platforms and press “Switch Platform” in the lower left corner of the window.

If you can not see WebGL you have not installed support for it when installing Unity. To fix this you have to run the unity installer again and make sure to check the HTML5/WebGL box when it asks what platforms you want to install support for.

Now add the scenes you want to include in your game, press “Build” and pick a location to save your build!

Uploading to Playish

Start out with logging in to your Playish account or create a new account if you do not already have one.

When you are logged in you can find the main menu in the top left corner of the site. Click it and select upload game.

Very menu!

Now is the time to fill in all the information about your game. Fill in as much as you can and make sure to select a genre and game engine. If you just want to test your game without anyone else being able to see it then select “Private” under release status.

On the next screen you will have to upload the files generated when you built your game. Press upload and go to wherever on your computer you build was saved. There should be a folder called “Release” with a bunch of files inside. Select them all and confirm.

Next you can design custom controllers for your game. You can skip this step if you did not use the Playish API in your game. You can create as many controllers as you like and swap between them by calling a function.

Test your game

Your game should now be ready to play! Depending on if you set it to public or private it might not be visible in the public game library. However, you can always find your own creations in your profile. If you want to change something or upload new files you can edit your game.

Happy developing!