Playkey DevLog. Issue 31

Hello everyone! Three weeks passed like one day. That’s because we have been setting up and configuring the miner infrastructure! It’s absolutely fascinating! And when having dealt with the infrastructure, we immediately started to develop miner software. Fortunately, the development is not from scratch. In fact, we adapt our existing service for miner machines. However, there are some nuances.

To begin with, the main difference between a miner’s computer and our server lies in hard drives. In the current platform we use a centralized disk shelf. Servers connect to it to get information. The miner’s computer seems to use a local hard drive and can’t just connect to our drives, because service will be simply unplayable due to the low speed of files transfer. This difference forces to change the way of updating games in service and procedure of Virtual machine start. To resolve the matter with drives, we have divided the work into two iterations. As for the first one, we will prepare the software for starting our server with local drives and software for starting external server with local drives in the second one.

Apex Legends — the greatest surprize of 2019 so far. Already at Playkey.

Secondly, issue of network must be addressed. It is necessary to open ports and pass Network Address Translation (NAT) on the miner’s computer. NAT improves security when using the Internet. It significantly reduces the ways to access the PC from the outside. But because of NAT players will not be able to connect to the PC-miner. This requires additional settings on the miner machine. Of course, miners can manually set up their computers, but this will require some experience in system administration. That’s why we create automatic configuration using UPnP (Universal Plug and Play). Without getting into details, let’s just say that miners will not serve as sysadmin.

That’s all for now, follow the news!