Playkey DevLog. Issue 32

We congratulate everybody with the arrival of spring and new issue of the Devlogs!

Do you remember we told you about hard drives and NAT (Network Address Translation) in the last issue? So, we successfully launched the service on a computer with a local disk and completed the NAT traversal technology! The only we need is to integrate the developed technology with NAT into the project.

The experiment with launching on the local PC with the Kingstone UV500 disk was successful.

In parallel to this, we are developing a disk images repository where games will be recorded. The storage needs in order the miner’s computer to be able to access the games of the service. Images will be updated automatically. Now we are just engaged in the automation of this process and are developing a method for laying out images in the repository. This whole system will avoid the need for manual intervention by the miner in the work and service updating.

Finally, we set up the automatic configuration of the VM so that when the system starts up for the first time (after the update), the operating system (OS) can perform the final installation and setting of the devices. This will simplify the life of miner and reduce the load on the system, as there will be no need to create multiple OS images for different equipment.

We will tell about new cobwebs and breakthroughs in the lives of developers in three weeks!