Playkey DevLog. Issue 33

Hello everyone! So, the alpha version of the miner’s software is ready. In the current functionality, we played on the miner’s computer with a local disk in World of Warcraft, launching the game from the test environment of At the moment the launch process does not differ from running on a regular server in the current version of Playkey. The miner system was equipped with a GeForce GTX 1060 video card. Detailed specifications are below.

Miner machine characteristics in our test assembly

This time the player’s connection to the miner server was fully automated. A separate interface has not yet been done, so the process corresponded to the game session launch on The next stage of our internal tests is the transfer of functions to several PC miners, automatic control of Virtual Machines (VM) and automatic updating of games.

Before the closed testing, we still have to:

• finalize disks updating mechanics (we wrote about this in the last issue);

• implement server selection — so that the user could choose where to play;

• implement the administrative miner interface;

• realize payment to the miner for the time played on his computer.

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