Playkey DevLog. Issue 35

Playkey Team
May 23 · 2 min read


Bitcoin is perking up, and so should we. Now, onto other news.

Over the past month, we’ve launched three test computers with miner software. As you’ll remember, they feature desktop — not server — hardware. For the time being, we’re only using them for GTA 5, but we’ll be moving more Steam titles soon. The Witcher 3 is next in line.

We deployed all the three miner-software systems manually. We got the hang of doing it that way; but as we noted before, complete automation would be more convenient to miners. We already have the necessary components and are just about to start testing and debugging.

The problem of how to update disks, something that’s critical for the decentralized platform, is now under testing. With that problem solved, the miner won’t have to manually tinker with service operation or updates.

In the next issue, we’ll talk about how this worked out and how we moved new titles to the decentralized platform. Follow our devlogs to stay tuned.

Playkey Team

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Playkey is a working cloud gaming platform, invented to make all hardcore games available on any device without requirements to high productivity CPU and GPU.

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